Reveal the beauty
of your skin

Every skin is special. We simply help you to show of your own

Dr Elisavet Tsiampali

Dermatologist - Venereologist

Reveal the beauty
of your skin

Every skin is special. We simply help you to show of your own

Dr Elisavet Tsiampali

Dermatologist - Venereologist

Each skin is unique. Together, we will discover the beauty of your own skin addressing its own, unique needs

Dr Elisavet Tsiampali

Dermatologist - Venereologist

Our Services

Dr. Elisavet Tsiampali Dermatology Practice offers the most advanced face and body treatments to express the beauty of your own skin

Cosmetic Dermatology

For the anti-aging, rejuvenation & regeneration of the skin.

Clinical Dermatology

For treating all kinds of conditions of the skin and its components

Hair Removal

For the most effective and painless hair removal


For cellulite, skin turgor thickening, topical fat dissolution, saggy skin, stretch marks and scars.

The Practice

Our dermatology practice was founded by Dr. Elisavet Tsiampali in 2021 based on boutique aesthetics, and is located at the historical center of Kifissia.

Our Philosophy

Every face is different and beautiful in their own way. In our office we treat it individually based on its own specifics and needs. Needs for improvement but also for strengthening its trump cards! Our aesthetics always supports a natural result, harmonious with the symmetry of the face. It's your face, just in its best version.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Our dermatology practice was the first in Greece to have brought the most innovative and effective Alexandrite Laser Cynosure Elite IQ of the latest generation and the first in its category, for the most painless and effective hair removal.

The Team

Dr Elisavet Tsiampali and her experienced and highly knowledgeable team work with the sole aim of promoting the health and beauty of your skin, effectively addressing its needs. Having the most advanced medical treatments, state-of-the-art equipment and the latest protocols at their disposal, Dr Elisavet Tsiampali and her team guarantee you the best results.

For Men

Skin care is not only a woman’s privilege; it is also a man’s need.

Thus, more and more men are seeking the benefits of Aesthetic Dermatology in order to address their concerns regarding their appearance and thus, to boost their self-confidence.

Through minimally invasive methods, we aim at the regeneration and reconstruction of the male skin, the repair of skin lesions, but also the treatment of male hair growth and male hair loss.



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Το κορεάτικο μυστικό ομορφιάς για την επιδερμίδα του προσώπου

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