Οur dermatology practice provides body treatments concerning cellulite, skin turgor thickening, topical fat, saggy skin, stretch marks and scars.


For body tightening and point reduction

For fat dissolution, reduction of cellulite and improvement of the skin.

For tissue regeneration, skin tightening, but also for reshaping the body.

CO2 Fractional Laser, Dermapen, RF Microneedling & Injectable Therapies For the treatment of stretch marks and scars, we combine the above treatments or some of them depending on the needs of the skin.

Desobody is the world’s only approved (CE) medical injectable solution for lipolysis, and a safe non-surgical option for the treatment of local fat in areas such as: biceps, arms, waist, hips, buns, thighs.

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Dr. Elisavet Tsiampali Dermatology Practice offers the most advanced face and body treatments to express the beauty of your own skin

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