For Men

For Men

Alexandrite laser hair removal

The state-of-the-art Cynosure elite IQ 8th generation laser, will help you get rid of unwanted hair growth even in the most sensitive areas.

Apart from the full body treatment, we can address topical areas immediately, painlessly and effectively: cheekbones, middle eyebrow, ears, neck and nape, back, and genital / perigenital area.

The treatment is applied exclusively by medical staff and can be performed at any time of the year.

The personalized and correct use of this versatile machine - which is the first in Greece - eliminates unwanted male hair growth radically.

PRP and mesotherapy
hair cocktails

Autologous mesotherapy (Tru-PRP) as well as heterologous mesotherapy are key treatments to combat male hair loss caused by various reasons.

In fact, mesotherapy is nutritive for the hair follicles and if combined with other special treatment regimens - such as proper nutrition - it is a permanent solution for male hair loss.

Injectable fillers for men

The injectable fillers of leading brands are applied following special protocols and are addressed to men who are inspired by well-being and seek well aging. Using hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite fillers, we give our male patients the renewal and self-confidence they deserve.


The signs of age have always been considered charming for men. With the personalized use of Botox, we can give a youthful look to the male face without removing the beautiful features of masculinity, and maturity that gradually come with age. After all, a more relaxed and radiant look is not only a woman’s privilege, but also a man’s need.

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