Special Protocols

Special Protocols


Through her vast experience, Dermatologist-Venereologist Dr. Tsiambali Elisavet has created special protocols, in order to offer you maximum results, in a short time and with minimal irritation.

 With her thorough and deep knowledge of Aesthetic Dermatology and lasers, Dr. Tsiambali uses the most modern and innovative methods, ideally combined to treat even the most difficult skin problems.

In the dermatology practice of Dr. Tsiambali, the following treatment protocols are applied:

Total Face Rejuvenation

Total Face Rejuvenation is a combination of treatments aimed at non-invasive deep total reconstruction and reshaping of the face, following strictly predetermined steps.

The results are really impressive thanks to the effective treatments of Total Face Rejuvenation that treat aging.

These are: 

Neck Rejuvenation

Neck reconstruction and tightening is medically acceptable and very popular with patients thanks to its painless application through the most advanced non-invasive techniques.

For the appropriate neck reconstruction, Dr Tsiambali suggests the following set of treatments, that promise impressive results: 

Hands Rejuvenation

The skin of our hands betrays the first, but also the most obvious signs of aging and our true age.

 Fractional Laser CO2 treatment combined with Hydroxyapatite Fillers and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers treatments, gives a renewed appearance and a new look to tired hands as they deserve.

Bloodless Rhinoplasty

It may sound impossible, but rhinoplasty without a scalpel is indeed possible and in fact, with very good results through the use of injectable materials.

 However, bloodless rhinoplasty is not suitable for all noses, nor is the result permanent, although it is usually long lasting. The good thing is that one can correct the shape of their nose through a ten-minute procedure that offers incomparable results, without surgery, and in fact, at a very low cost.

Bloodless rhinoplasty requires the use of special hyaluronic acid fillers in the nasal area. Where appropriate, this treatment can be combined with threads to ensure the best result.

Foxy Eyes

Foxy Eyes protocol is a combination of treatments that aim to elevate the shape of the eyes in women, offering them a more youthful appearance, while at the same time achieving the elongation of the eyes, always maintaining the symmetry of the face.

For the Foxy Eyes protocol, the following treatments are performed: 

Hair Loss Protocol

Through a targeted combination of treatments, we effectively treat hair loss, offering nutrition to the hair follicles in order to enhance hair density.

 One of these treatments is autologous hair mesotherapy: a non-invasive treatment that helps to rejuvenate the hair, reduce hair loss and increase hair density.

Mesotherapy with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a painless treatment that utilizes the healing components of the blood. Thus, we accelerate the natural rate of cell renewal, stimulate collagen production, enhance blood circulation to the treatment area and stimulate hair growth, where there is thinning or hair loss.

 PRP is essentially plasma from the patient’s blood. Through a special procedure (centrifugation), the blood is separated from the plasma that becomes rich in platelets and is then applied through microneedling to the hair root. Thus, there is a better absorption of PRP that promotes hair growth, where there is thinning or hair loss.

Finally, for the hair there are heterologous mesotherapy, ie special cocktails that contribute to the prevention and timely treatment of hair loss.


Autologous mesotherapy with Tru-PRP (Tru Platelet Rich Plasma) method, is a revolutionary regeneration and anti-aging treatment through the use of proteins (growth factors) that promote regeneration and repair of tissue damage. These proteins are produced by activated platelets obtained from the patient’s own blood.

 Autologous Tru-PRP mesotherapy differs from simple PRP mesotherapy due to the double centrifugation to which the blood is subjected to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. This process achieves 4-6 times higher platelet and growth factor concentrations than simple PRP. This wa, we increase the regenerative and healing properties of the treatment.