Aesthetic Dermatology – a passionate dermatologist‘s point of view

02 Μαρτίου 2024

In this article I will elaborate a little bit more my personal vision of Dermatology and aesthetic medicine in general. In a today’s world where appearances are key and materialism is thriving, I feel the need to normalize our brains and make things a bit more romantic, even if it is just for a few minutes while reading this article, written by a passionate dermatologist!

A.Unique :

In the topic of aesthetic enhancements it matters every little detail in my point of view. The way you look, the way you feel and on the other hand the way you want to look or feel by choosing a procedure of aesthetic dermatology.
So inevitably, every patient with his own background, style, personality and anatomical features is a different and unique case. The “pass par tout” approach is not my style and it just doesn’t work…!

B. The Power :

Aesthetic Dermatology is not just about appearances, it is about well-being, boosting your confidence, building your character and creating a better more vibrant you. Aesthetic Dermatology goes beyond just superficial beauty, it is about enhancing your natural features, enriching your self-esteem and generally helping you feel your best. When you look good, you feel automatically good and significantly better than other days and this alone can positively impact your life in countless ways. It improves your mood, your self-confidence, your relationships with others, your performance at your job and can even contribute to your overall happiness.

C. The Journey :

In the world of aesthetic medicine, where every detail matters, there is an often overlooked yet crucial skill: Communication! A doctor’s lack of effective communication can lead to distress and confusion for both the patient or their close environment. This isn’t just about the technical proficiency in delivering aesthetic results, it is something much more. It is about the journey, about understanding concerns, managing expectations, providing comfort and clarity and in the end give that face a sometimes hidden confident smile for a glimpse. In aesthetic dermatology every candidate embarks on a deeply personal and conscious journey, often filled with vulnerability and hope. You seek for an experience, not just a procedure. As doctors we are the “captains of the journey” and it is I think our responsibility to ensure that this journey is supported by clear, compassionate, honest communication and care. That good communication is the cornerstone of trust. Trust transforms a medical procedure into an experience and an experience into satisfaction. The goal is not to just enhance beauty, but to nurture confidence and to understand the individual behind every treatment.

D. There is no such thing as “injectors” :

To be honest I don’t get what this is supposed to mean as a term. The way I see it, we are not “injectors” as I so often hear it nowadays, but we are specialized doctors (dermatologists) with a strong studying and medical background and a talent. The talent of being able to “read” a face or a body and it’s needs, the talent of loving never ending learning procedure (required in medicine!), the talent of the right communication and sometimes, when lucky, the rare and important talent of having generally….taste, that helps with every little detail and creates a unique and beautiful look. Last but not least, we are these people that when (rarely but still) something goes not as planned and a complication appear, we can fix it easily at the right time and in the right way. So if you want safety first and superior knowledge at the topic, choose wisely…Remember doctors can also be good injectors, “injectors” can not be doctors…

Ε. The Look:

Lastly I want to stay for while to an interesting point. The way that your doctor of aesthetic medicine (dermatologist or plastic surgeon) appear to you at your consultation day. The way she/he generally looks, speaks, makes gestures, interacts with his staff etc. That gives you a pretty accurate idea of how he approaches the field. To say it briefly, what you see is what you get.
What you will get….! At least most of the times, that is the case.

In my practice we love clinical and aesthetic dermatology, we love action, chicness and natural beauty, sometimes when suits the case even with a twist! We like premium products, new and uptodate techniques and we obey to safety which is medicine as the only base and criterium. We love communication and we enjoy the psychological journey that often accompanies our job. My everyday moto:
Let’s pledge to not only enhance beauty on the outside but also nourish the trust and comfort that comes from being heard and understood. From knowing that your doctor speaks the same language with you and have the same aesthetic view. Because in aesthetics, every word, every mimic matters as much as every treatment.

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